{a code bank designed with Pascal in mind}


CodeSnip is an open source code bank for storing, editing and viewing source code snippets, with special support for snippets written in Pascal.

The current release (v4.15.1) has the following features:


CodeSnip 4 comes in two editions: standard and portable.

Standard Edition

Choose the standard edition if you want to install CodeSnip on a host computer and have it available to all users.

It works as a conventional desktop application that appears on the Windows Start menu. It can be uninstalled via Windows' Programs and Features control panel applet.

This edition maintains a different snippets database for each user at a location of their choice and stores each user's configuration information in their application data directory.

Download v4.15.1 standard edition

Portable Edition

Choose the portable edition if you want to be able to run CodeSnip on more than one computer and take your snippets with you.

It is designed for use by a single user on any computer. It may be directly run from any removable drive that has write access (not CDs or DVDs). The program is uninstalled simply by deleting the directory where it was installed.

This edition maintains a single database in a sub-directory of the directory where the program is installed. Configuration data is stored in a similar sub-directory.

Download v4.15.1 portable edition

System Requirements

CodeSnip 4 requires Windows 2000 as a minimum operating system, although Windows XP is preferred. An up-to-date copy of Internet Explorer is also required since CodeSnip uses its rendering engine. IE 6 or later are acceptable, but IE 6 is not very suitable: IE 8 later are strongly preferred.

New Features

If you would like to suggest a new feature to be added to a future release of CodeSnip please fill out a feature request. Before adding a new request please check to see if something similar has already been suggested. If so you can add your comments to it.