{a code bank designed with Pascal in mind}


Program Help

The first port of call when you need help in using CodeSnip should be the program's comprehensive help file. This is accessible by pressing F1 from just about anywhere in the program. Help accessed this way is context sensitive. You can also see a quick-start guide to using CodeSnip by choosing the program's Help | QuickStart Guide menu option.

Read Me File

Each binary distribution of CodeSnip contains a file named ReadMe.txt in the zip file. It contains, amongst other things, important information about installing and removing CodeSnip (in either edition), downloading the online Code Snippets database, configuring CodeSnip to work with your Delphi and FreePascal compilers and how to obtain program updates. The file is also installed with CodeSnip.


CodeSnip has two distinct FAQs, one that deals with using the program and another that focusses on building CodeSnip from source.

Privacy Statement

A statement of how CodeSnip uses your personal data is installed with CodeSnip in a file named Privacy.txt. This information is also included in the help file.


CodeSnip's license is contained in a file name License.html that is installed with CodeSnip. This is the full license text that covers both binary distributions and the source code. A license summary that applies to the binary distribution can be be displayed from within CodeSnip by choosing the Help | License menu option.

Change Logs

Changes made in each CodeSnip version going back to the the first ever beta release are recorded in change logs. There is one plain text file for each major release:

Build File

This file, named Build.html, contains information on how to compile CodeSnip from its source code. The file is not installed with CodeSnip but is included in all CodeSnip source code distributions back to v3.1. It is also available from the Git repository.